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Image2 AAt the age of fourteen, way back in the 60′s I left school and started my apprenticeship in the motor trade and my love of cars hasn’t altered since. Yes there have been times when I’ve cursed them, but the lure has always brought me back. The first car that I drove on the road was a Jaguar SS100, I had just fitted a speedo cable, testing it was my reward from the foreman! “You go for a drive and see if it’s OK!” Admittedly it was a simpler time, but I think we can all relate to the first time we turned the key and took that initial step….

My first car was a Ford 100E, which I loved even with its 3 speed manual gearbox and no heater. Since then I have owned a number of vehicles, more than I would like to admit to, from classics like a Morris 8, TR’s, MGB’s to more modern cars such as  Audis and a Jaguars, I even owned a Moscvich in the 70s. Often I owned more than one car at the same time, simply as I love the variety and the different way each car drove. There is a world of difference between your everyday estate or a family saloon to that of an open top, or even a 4 seater Cabriolet, it doesn’t have to be a sports car to appreciate the drive.
That’s what RCR is all about, it’s not about speed, it’s about the drive, driving something different, just for the Joy of it, something that brings a smile to your face.

As a child I was often taken out for “Sunday drives”, it’s those memories of day out in the country, (something I still do today) that I want to share, and as I am based in one of the best parts of the UK extending up to the Scottish borders or down to Yorkshire I hope you will take advantage of all I have to offer.